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February 28, 2012: 

THE BIG NEWS.....    (Drum Roll Please........)


After several manufacturing setbacks and delays, we are now completely setup in our new facility and fully back in production.  We are working now on filling the orders we currently have in-hand and shipping them out.

We will be focusing at first on out 2 most popular series: M Series and MM Series.  Orders for these can be placed immediately and will be shipped out promptly.    Orders for other models can be placed and will be created and filled on an as-requested basis.  Orders for pre-amps will also ship immediately.  Current lead time for all orders is approximately 10  business days.

Our online shopping cart is currently in production and should be online in the next 7 days.  If you wish to place an order immediately, please write us at sales@lanepoor.com.  All correspondence should now be sent to this address.


Please contact us for a current price list.                                

Thank you for being so patient and so loyal to Lane Poor.  We want to reward you with the finest pickups in the business.  We look forward to serving you.



September 8, 2010:  The contact form is back up and is the quickest way to get a reply.  I cannot thank you enough for the positive word of mouth response the shop is getting.

It has been some time since I have written and much has been happening. The best part of my summer has been reconnecting with Lane, a man whom I have looked up to since my teen years. To me Lane is a true man of industry and has been a greatly influential citizen in my local community. I hope to soon share a greater knowledge of this understated humble inventor.


April 5, 2010:  Well, the shop is still busy.  We have had more than 29000 hits on this site since July 2009.  Thank you to everyone for your support and patience.  Email replies are now taking about 2 weeks . By the end of this week it will only take about a week for a reply.   Wait time is between 1 and 2 weeks for an order.
Also, the response on facebook and other sites such as Talk Bass has been very supportive indeed.

Thanks again.


February 25, 2010:
  Well, the shop has been busy.  Lead time on pickups has varied from a week to 2 weeks.  All pickup models are available.

To place an order for pickups or to request information please use the email link on the contact page.  the form mailer did not work as well as we had hoped.  There have been a lot of lost messages and contacts due to bouncing between the mailer and the email account.

If you sent a request or an order through this mailer, sorry.  You may have to contact us again using the regular email.

***************************form is fixed as of 9/8/10********************** Please use the form***************************

Thank you.


December 23, 2009:  I was in a music store today picking up an acoustic guitar as a holiday gift.  While there, the sound of  "slap" bass coming from the back of the store caught my attention.  I followed the sound to the source and spoke to the guy who had just finished playing.  He was unplugging an $1100 name brand bass from an $1400 name brand amplifier setup.  I asked him if he wouldn't mind helping me out by playing some more.  He was fine with the idea.

While he played I raised the treble and the level of the highest band on the equalizer which happened to be 8khz. There was minimal difference.   I checked the tweeter on the cabinet to be sure it was working, and it was.  I asked the man to turn the treble up on the bass, and he did.

After this experiment he and I discussed the sound.  He suggested it was "very bright", I suggested the word "sharp".
I noted and he agreed that as bright or sharp the sound was, it still lacked clarity.
The "slap" sound was sharp, but a dull sharp if that makes any sense. * * *


Delicate frequencies above 5khz are often lost when playing most instruments equipped with stock pickups.  And, these days it seems like the quickest fix for an inferior bass sound is to use EQ.  The more expensive your bass amplifier the more elaborate the EQ section seems to be.  Active electronics have made on board EQ very popular and demand is increasing steadily.  With the many advancements in bass guitar electronics it is easy to get the idea that EQ is how you get a good sound.  But, no amount of EQ can replace sound quality that wasn't picked up in the first place.

What sets Lane Poor Power Armatures apart from most other pickups is the high end clarity.  The sound you make is the sound you hear without any loss in quality.  Our pickups preserve the delicate transient tones heard when you put your ear to your bass and play.  These low-z pickups offer high definition "extended range" and they are passive!

At a venue or in the studio j
ust plug in and play.  Sure you will still need to adjust your amp settings to suit the room, but start flat and from there just fine tune.  There is no need to to mess with the engineer's mix from your bass in order to compete with guitars, horns, and cymbals.


The next challenge to your sound may just be the preamp section of your bass head.  Do you have enough headroom to get all the power you want?  The discrete yet powerful LP 2x1ac instrument preamp could be exactly what you need.  It mixes any two passive pickups to one output.  There is a 2x to 15x gain adjustment for each of the two inputs.  More details are described on the preamps page.

That is all for now.  It's about time I answered your e-mail.


* * * There are many terms to describe the tonal qualities we hear or strive for.

         For a better example check out what Joe Moody has to say at his myspace blog titled "Gimme More Crack!"


December 19, 2009: We have been taking orders for about a monthThe MM4/5HB is by far our most popular pickup world wide.  The shop is busy and we are a little behind on answering e-mail.  Please bear with us.
Thank you.

Currently we are still working on a full price list.

The MM4/5 HB is the same pickup with a new logo.  To the far right is an original MM4/5 HB (aka MM4 HB).


September, 2009: The shop is running well.  We will begin taking orders by the end of October.

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July, 2009: This is the first post of site and company related news.  We are gearing up for 2010.  That is all.  Thank you.